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Corrugated Furniture

Eco friendly, recyclable furniture made with corrugated cardboard?

Yes! Furniture made of corrugated sheets can hold a lot of weight. It is rated for use by people weighing up to 200 Kilos! So go ahead, believe it.

Jayna Packaging introduces innovative furniture and seating systems that will take a lot of load while offering you innovative shapes, colours, prints and designs.

Unique structural engineering

Corrugated furniture is scientifically designed by our cardboard engineers and is proof of the enduring strength of the material. The structural technology that supports this range of furniture is based on the arch and pillar approach of ancient architecture. When used scientifically with proper calculation it offers tremendous strength besides being environment-friendly and recyclable.

You have literally unlimited choice of colours, texture and shapes. Chairs, tables, and shelves - you name it and we make it. In corrugated board.

This contemporary corrugated cardboard furniture comes in all sizes and colors and can be used by all adults and kids.

Jayna Packaging has the exclusive rights to manufacture these patented products in the Indian market.

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