1. Floor Display
In the competitive retail environment at malls and super markets, what is seen is normally what is sold. Visibility is the key factor to promote purchase.


2. Counter Display
High visibility, innovativeness and ease of dispensing make Jayna Packaging’s counter displays a step ahead of the competition.


3. Promotional Packaging
Promotional packaging can do wonders to your order book. Properly planned with a combination of aesthetics.


4. Corrugated Furniture
Yes! Furniture made of corrugated sheets can hold a lot of weight. It is rated for use by people weighing up to 200 Kilos! So go ahead, believe it.


5. Burgopak
BurgoPak is as much a system of presentation and delivery as it is a packaging solution.


Jayna Packaging Pvt Ltd.

Outstanding display and packaging solutions

At Jayna Packaging, we firmly believe the ordinary just will not do. We consistently search for and create the extraordinary solution for your display, packaging and dispensing requirements.

Our award winning efforts have made innumerable products stand out of the crowd, attract attention and evoke the desire to buy.

We specialize in :

  • Packaging that becomes a part of the reason to buy.
  • Counter displays that the competition cannot counter.
  • Promotional packs that end up as collectors items.

Our efforts are attuned to:

  • Sharpening the visibility of your brand.
  • Improving the recall value of the packaging.
  • Saving on space while transporting merchandising displays.
  • Creating promotional displays with the “try me” appeal.

We specialize in creating products with corrugated board and have expertise in engineering three dimensional shapes, containers and displays that match practical end purposes.